A gentle Spirit

Holy Spirit a warm presence; an ache, for expression Find expression.   Life that which we desire; an ache, to be heard, and to be done Find expression.  Be spoken -   Love that which we need; a warmth, to be welcomed Find your way   Confidence that which builds; please Find a way   Worth … Continue reading A gentle Spirit


One step at a time

"I am a tutor, a drummer, and I work." And then, I laugh. Perhaps because I have had such a confusing, and odd number of years. ... I get the question, "What do you do?" often. With some reflection now, the implementation is easy, because it is.  I can tutor - and there is not much preparatory … Continue reading One step at a time

The church is no longer in a state of sin.

An excerpt from N.T. Wright’s tome, Jesus and the Victory of God, page 268: “Centuries of Christian usage have accustomed readers of the New Testament to think of “forgiveness” as primarily a gift to the individual person, which can be made at any time.  It is, in that sense, abstract and ahistorical, however much it … Continue reading The church is no longer in a state of sin.