The church is no longer in a state of sin.

An excerpt from N.T. Wright’s tome, Jesus and the Victory of God, page 268: “Centuries of Christian usage have accustomed readers of the New Testament to think of “forgiveness” as primarily a gift to the individual person, which can be made at any time.  It is, in that sense, abstract and ahistorical, however much it … Continue reading The church is no longer in a state of sin.

To “envision” Jesus.

To "envision" Jesus is about:looking to the past (the cross and resurrection),through the lens of the Christian historical metanarrative, in order tobetter understand the present, andsee the present anticipation of Jesus' second coming (in question...).Updated (February 4th, 2015):The discussion involves better understanding the cross and resurrection as the climactic events that shaped the present age: … Continue reading To “envision” Jesus.