Why Philly?

I was asked today, "Why Philadelphia?" I was in NYC until today, with uncertain plans. The short answer is, prayer.  Yesterday morning, I prayed about the next step forward. A theological school in Newark, NJ is on my mind and Philadelphia happens to remind me of prayer, above all.  When I helped at the school, … Continue reading Why Philly?


Rural Asturias

I am currently in rural Asturias, and it has been a good opportunity to have a break, and while working (manual labour). Sunrise, is pictured below.  And the neighbours cows wandering onto the grass in front of the vegetable patch. An evening walk, And a local cideria/cafe ... On Wednesday, I catch the bus to … Continue reading Rural Asturias


I am in Edinburgh. Yesterday, I was exhausted. I moved out of my place in Leeds that morning, having put some things into storage the day before. And then a three hour train ride to Edinburgh. On about four hours sleep. I checked-in, walked into the city, and dozed in the park. Day 1.

The church is no longer in a state of sin.

An excerpt from N.T. Wright’s tome, Jesus and the Victory of God, page 268: “Centuries of Christian usage have accustomed readers of the New Testament to think of “forgiveness” as primarily a gift to the individual person, which can be made at any time.  It is, in that sense, abstract and ahistorical, however much it … Continue reading The church is no longer in a state of sin.