Celebrating in the USA

God has a long-term plan well-underway.  This is the reason to celebrate in the USA. There are other things to celebrate, too.  But this is to focus on the most important thing. Jesus cross and resurrection is a reminder that pain and celebration are somehow connected.  There is pain in the world.  There is also … Continue reading Celebrating in the USA


Why Philly?

I was asked today, "Why Philadelphia?" I was in NYC until today, with uncertain plans. The short answer is, prayer.  Yesterday morning, I prayed about the next step forward. A theological school in Newark, NJ is on my mind and Philadelphia happens to remind me of prayer, above all.  When I helped at the school, … Continue reading Why Philly?


I am in Edinburgh. Yesterday, I was exhausted. I moved out of my place in Leeds that morning, having put some things into storage the day before. And then a three hour train ride to Edinburgh. On about four hours sleep. I checked-in, walked into the city, and dozed in the park. Day 1.