A welcome

I was encouraged on the weekend, to "welcome".  To think about how I was welcomed as a new Christian, and to welcome new Christians in the same way.  (This was the topic of the sermon at church.) "Welcome" connects directly into orthodox Christian theology.  We are welcomed into Jesus, and we welcome Jesus into us. … Continue reading A welcome

Endeavor and friendship. On Stanley Hauerwas’ memoir.

What is reasoned endeavor, or endeavor with reason?  As though, there is a purpose, to reason.  An inspiration met with reason and dedication. Who is Stanley Hauerwas? In Stanley's autobiography, I respected his theological endeavor.  Soon into his academic career, he approached theology with a strong and clear motivation - as of a bricklayer, building … Continue reading Endeavor and friendship. On Stanley Hauerwas’ memoir.

To “envision” Jesus.

To "envision" Jesus is about:looking to the past (the cross and resurrection),through the lens of the Christian historical metanarrative, in order tobetter understand the present, andsee the present anticipation of Jesus' second coming (in question...).Updated (February 4th, 2015):The discussion involves better understanding the cross and resurrection as the climactic events that shaped the present age: … Continue reading To “envision” Jesus.