Leeds photos

A few weeks ago, I went on a walk in Leeds.  A 2.5 mile section of The Leeds Country Way, of a much wider 62 mile "footpath" around Leeds.  The weather was warm, and a change from the snow of the month or so prior.  Here are some photos: Starting with a wooden gate off … Continue reading Leeds photos


Committing to a career

Sometimes, there is no time for a transition.  I have transitioned before, such as working part-time, and pursuing my passion.  But now, the arrows are pointing in the direction of a step of faith. I would rather work a second job.  To work hard until I am doing the career I want to do.  But now, … Continue reading Committing to a career

Do this in remembrance of me. The practice of communion.

Serve the congregation as the body of Christ ... In mass, sometimes the minister (the "presbyter") is the focal point of communion.  He - or in some denominations or regions, she - "presides", and serves communion for the congregation. And sometimes, "high churches" elevate the minister as the focal point; through such as architecture, silver and … Continue reading Do this in remembrance of me. The practice of communion.