Do this in remembrance of me. The practice of communion.

Serve the congregation as the body of Christ

In mass, sometimes the minister (the “presbyter”) is the focal point of communion.  He – or in some denominations or regions, she – “presides”, and serves communion for the congregation.

And sometimes, “high churches” elevate the minister as the focal point; through such as architecture, silver and ceremonial robes.

In practice, there is a potential for vanity.

In “high churches,” there is a greater distance between ministers and the congregation: there is ceremony, order, and clothing, for instance.

Yet, this is also appropriate:

  • the minister is a member of the body of Christ, and
  • the meal matters.

(What does it mean to come together for a meal…?)

The person presiding can “see” the congregation as the body of Christ.  The phrase, “This is the body of Christ,” takes on particular meaning.


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