Next steps

It has been a quiet couple of weeks in NYC.

I head to Leeds on Monday 12th.  It’s about 6.5 hours from NYC to London, and then I will bus up to Leeds.

I have found a church in Leeds that seems to be a good fit.  I am keen to be drumming, and contributing leadership to creative ministry.

I also want to work.  I cannot work in the United States without some serious job-hunting (Australians in professional roles can work on the E3 Visa), and I have not wanted to do that.  I can work in the UK on a British Passport.

I have grandparents that came from Huddersfield, UK, and which is about 30 minutes drive southwest from Leeds.  And I hear that the Yorkshire Dales northwest are stunning.

So, that is my next stop.

Other news,

I posted to WordPress while in NYC, but I deleted each post after a few days.

I have republished A gentle Spirit.

To summarise the other posts:

  • I wrote to ask a friend (BBB) to (please) make me a meal.
  • Holy Spirit called me to Roman Catholic communion (I am an Anglican).
  • I look forward to pursuing what I want in the UK, such as brown sugar.  Sounds ridiculous?
  • It is good to make decisions in worship.

And to speak.

And it is never too late.



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