Holland III (final)

A final post about my time in Holland, and an update on my plans.  Some photos below.

In short, I have plans to be in the United States in July.

The Easter week, and weekend, was a time of decision making.  And of contact with people.  And a good time, in fact!
And I was deciding, do I stay longer in the Netherlands?  Or do I look for work in the UK?  Or, do I go to the United States sooner?
Or, do I continue on to Australia?

I have decided on (and booked for) the latter:  I have family and church in Melbourne, and some needs I can help with there.  I can pursue God in music.  And I am better positioned for ministry development, with contacts and prayer.  And I can do some administration, including selling my small car.  And work… probably lots of work.

And on the “way” to the United States in July.  It is not the direct route geographically speaking, but it is perhaps so in other ways…

Some photos (Friesland in the north):

A town gathered around a church.
Coffee on arrival
An evening walk. Or run.
Horses of course
Dave and a windmill
An older dike
A newer dike
The main street
A boat into town
An evening run

I plan to leave for Melbourne on the 5th of May.


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