A community to believe in.

I am astounded at how little we (the church) hear of God’s long-term plans, and of esteem (appropriately understood) of our identity.  We should be in a community where such conversation and esteem of one another is common place.

I think people – and in particular, people outside the church, may well fear the implications.  But, for those in the church the implications are fine.

(See also: Celebrating in the United States).

Speaking of God’s long-term plans is not that hard.  It even makes sense that the God we worship would have a plan.

But without seeing the plan…, faith (and trust and loyalty) is needed.

A community in quiet song to the God with the long-term plan, is a community, by the Spirit, to believe in.


And such a community is united to the wider church, by the Spirit.

(Created, in the image of the one whom we believe in.)


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