Celebrating in the United States

Throwing a party to celebrate “the way things are” in the United States (and in the world…), is important to do; but also painful.

I am David, and I am organising for a worship tour in the East Coast in July 2017.*

There is good reason to celebrate in the United States.  There is a God, He has things in control, there is a long-term plan, and the plan is well-underway.
But, and even when I came to writing the words, “well-underway,” the discomfort had begun to hit.  Not because there is no plan, and I am not telling the truth.  But because of the pain of the church (and of the world), and of the shape of the plan…


This is not reason not to enter the place of celebration and pain, however.  For in this place, God can be named and honoured.  And our hearts and minds can be lifted up.

And this is the shape of the worship tour.


* This is new news for this journal, but this is not new for me.  But this week has been an important week, here…


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