Diplomacy, and the church.

In high school, I wanted to be a diplomat.  I suppose I thought that that would be some time off.  For the time, it was math, physics, English and economics.  And later, when university came, maybe.

But when university came, there were other concerns on my mind.  I chose to study Commerce (and Information Systems), and specialized in economics and statistics.  The obvious international issues were war and poverty.

These are diplomatic issues.  The issues have to do with the relationships between countries.  For instance, improved relationships can address war (though some may not want this) and poverty.

Right now, the United States needs “diplomacy,” desperately.  And diplomacy includes both an awareness of the issues, and a want to make them better.  (Diplomacy seeks to understand the issues in truth, and does not necessarily communicate.  Diplomacy, is rather diplomacy.)  And the way of the church, is peace and order, and much more:
The church is rooted in grace.

Grace, has power.  Grace, has place.  Grace, is a force.

The burden of diplomacy, is upon the church, and implemented by the church.

A safe place, is the United States.


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