Contemplating beauty.

An apartment in the Netherlands.  And a job.

But, no.  Take some steps back, and consider what is important.  What is more fundamental:

  • It is important to be present.
  • And at home, in Christ.
  • And to be in the church.  (And so to be at home, in Christ.)
  • And to serve the church.
    Ultimately, with love for God, and for one another.

(This is deeper and more true, than an apartment and a job.  Namely a home, and a purpose.)

And yet, an apartment, and a job?  OK, and somewhat, come what may.

An opera song?

I have an apartment for a month.  Cool.  (And, I also have a home, and a purpose…)

I need another apartment at the end of the month.  OK.  (And, I have a home, and a purpose…)

Whereas, I had intended to shape the apartment with beauty, I have noticed rather, the beauty of the home and the purpose.

(And the apartment may come to reflect the home, and the purpose…)

And a job?

A search with confidence, and without need.  Cool.

The low lands (the Dutch translation of The Netherlands), the low lands.  The low lands, are calling.

Come find me a home, come find me a purpose;


In thanks,

for God’s peace.


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