Another role

“Pioneer Journeys: Drama in Museum Education”


Such a “random” and even uninteresting book title – in that, museums can be staid places.

Drama, though?  I went to the back of the book, and another book “Impro,” was on the recommended reading list.  Oh (On my plans).  I packed that book for my travel; and I was now offered this particular book to read…

I have been involved with “theater” the past ten+ years, but often, in an intellectual way.

I bumped into a chapter in this book, that I had to write about now.  The chapter explores some of the drama / theater programs in New York, Boston, Chicago and Cleveland.  One of the important examples in the chapter was of a drama outreach program for homeless children.  And I read:

“a girl whose father was killed in a crack war invented a ‘Love Camera’ in which you could see love and peace instead of hate.”

And then, there were two more examples, just as incredible, and just as gut-wrenching.

I was “mind numbed” from some work on a computer, today, and this chapter has raised my spirits.  Theater is my intellectual world, world, in some ways.

To close, a quote from the same chapter:

“In a world increasingly dominated by ‘spectator play,’ role playing that engages all the senses is crucial.  The child must experience the texture, time, sound, voice and feel of another role.”


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