Balancing the complex and the creative

There is not a balance.

In order, the creative comes before the complex.

I tutor.  And which, can be complex.  The subject matter and the tensions are complex.  And yet to tutor, is simple.  To tutor is creative.

I work in two jobs.  Care work, is intense, and I think because there is pain – of both residents and staff.  In information systems consulting, the job is to make the complex simple.  Care work is creative, and information systems consulting is...

Information systems consulting should be creative; and that deserves attention, including: worship through, contemplation (of the nature of Information Systems – and I have tutored foundation information systems classes), and prayer.

And the drums.

The drums is creative.


Whether or not I can make it to Queensland in early January, to drum for a church (and this is what is on my mind), I am to be drumming in Spirit.




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