On my plans

Also on my bookshelf (re: I organised my books last week), is Improvisation and the Theatre.  The American spelling being, theater.


I have a history with theatre, and I may also write a small play in the next months, but which is another topic.

The Netherlands

In short, I am going to the Netherlands in response to a call, there (a Christian call).  I am fortunate to have a British passport.

The purpose of the trip is not particularly clear.

One of the themes for me to contemplate, is the roots of European culture.  Also in the Netherlands is the L’arche community, where people with and without a disability share common life together.

And Newark?

On the way to the Netherlands, I plan to (re)visit a theological school in Newark, NJ.

And to volunteer, and to further shape some of those questions, about my visit to the Netherlands.  (I have been to Newark once before, in 2011.  I stayed in Newark, and explored New York and some other places.)

And, I may still return to the United States.


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