Endeavor and friendship. On Stanley Hauerwas’ memoir.

What is reasoned endeavor, or endeavor with reason?  As though, there is a purpose, to reason.  An inspiration met with reason and dedication.

Who is Stanley Hauerwas?

In Stanley’s autobiography, I respected his theological endeavor.  Soon into his academic career, he approached theology with a strong and clear motivation – as of a bricklayer, building a house (Stanley, came from a bricklaying family).  It (the endeavor) took him to Connecticut (to Yale School of Divinity).  It was as though his endeavor in theology, was to construct (so to speak), for a better world.  Oh, for constructive reason!  And this also took him into the conflict of ideas (though political conflict was not a theme in the book).

I respect endeavor, because endeavor is done with hope, and with God, there is reason to hope.  Is there not reason to theological endeavor?

And in particular, I also respected his friendship.  As he observed, he is good at making friends.  His theological endeavor combined with friendship, including with theologians and other academic people.

What a way forward!


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