The appearance of things

Sometimes, a ramble is worth listening to.  Or reading.  There are people out there, who are wondering, “what’s next?”  There are people, who want to know what to do.  There are people who feel so disoriented by the state of the world, that they do not know what to set their mind to: there is this option, there is that option; and there is no option.  A world of endless possibilities, and no possibility.

The confusion of the world is endemic.  The saturation of the media is painful.  And yet, the reality of the situation is much better than almost anyone will tell you.  To be so prepared to examine the worst of the world, and open to understand the best – is the quality you need and you will not be let down.  You do not need to face the situation on your own, either.  No you don’t.  And there’s no catch – there’s no promise that is not met.

The world is not out of control.  No, the opposite is the case.  But you may not be able to see why.  You may not be able to understand, how so.
And you want to know how so, of course you do.  And you deserve to know, too.

You see, the world is safe.  The circumstances are sure.  Things are much better than they appear.  And you can be more empowered, and more free, to face the world – with integrity of heart, mind, soul and spirit.


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