To “envision” Jesus.

To “envision” Jesus is about:

  • looking to the past (the cross and resurrection),
  • through the lens of the Christian historical metanarrative, in order to
  • better understand the present, and
  • see the present anticipation of Jesus’ second coming (in question…).

Updated (February 4th, 2015):

The discussion involves better understanding the cross and resurrection as the climactic events that shaped the present age: of heaven and earth, and of new creation.

Once the past is better understood we can then “pivot” to the present and the future, through fresh lens.

Note that the best-practices resources (academic) to “envision” Jesus are mostly on the subject of Biblical interpretation.

Updated (May 4th, 2005):

The tutoring harmonises St Paul’s experience of persecution, and his use of the phrase “the gospel”, and his use of the language of revelation, in the historical context.


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